BTB – Season 4 – AD Interview with Ken Schreiber (St. Albert, Council Bluffs)

This is the first in a series of BONUS episodes with Iowa’s District AD of the Year winners for the 2021-2022 school year.  Ken is the Athletic Director at St. Albert High School in Council Bluffs, IA and was recently named the SWI AD of the Year.  Take a listen as Todd talks through our four questions with Ken Schreiber.  BTB is proud to have HomeTown Ticketing (@hometowntix) as a sponsor of the  podcast. Check out their website at Follow them on their social media sites: Twitter: @hometowntix… Facebook: @hometownticketing…Instagram: hometownticketing BTB is also happy to have Gipper (@gogipper) as a sponsor of our podcast. Visit them on Twitter or at for a great custom graphics solution. BTB also thanks Varsity Bound (@varsityboundhq) for their support of Beyond the Bench, as well as, AD’s and Athletic Departments across the state of Iowa. Thank You also to Superfan, Inc. (@superfaninc) for their sponsorship of Beyond the Bench.  You can visit them at  Thank You to Jamy Bechler (@coachbechler) for his sponsorship of Beyond the Bench.  Find out more about Jamy and The Leadership Playbook at  Thank You to GOAT Fundraising (@goatfundraising) for their support and being a sponsor of the BTB Podcast.—Season-4—AD-Interview-with-Ken-Schreiber-St–Albert–Council-Bluffs-e18mgb9

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